How were Fünff? Bite My Spleen? Warriors of Waitrose? Ham? Haaaam? Pforzhaaaaaam? Steps? Licking the Stump? Did you get to see The M Project? Shotokan Submarine? Badger Interference? Paste? The Tim Bentley Trio? Eighth Knuckle? White Otter? Black Ptarmigan? Puce Clot? Racey? How were The Confusers? Kneefuck? Point of Order? Less Than Lots? 8th Papworth Scouts? Popemustdie? Please tell me you went to see PÖRn. Wetweazel? Bob and Jizz? Clean Bandit? The Jerkins? I Die You Dry? Nnnng? John Leper? Dumpy’s Tragic Remnants? XHR? Angelfister? Hug? Rimshot? Did you see the secret show by Zeppelin and Bieber? Or did you duck it to see Flies Like Bananas? Clint? Clant? Clànt? Son of Clint? Whoosh? Spermpuller? Ninth Knuckle? Spaff’n’Slide? No? Stretch marks?

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