Pork bastard

So I've finally given in and decided to share my signature recipe. As usual with these things, it's important that you experiment with what works for you, but the basic recipe will get you close to the real deal. I came across this dish originally in a Chinese restaurant in Doncaster. It's not there now; … Continue reading Pork bastard


I got a bit ruthless with my entertainment about ten years ago: - stopped going to the cinema because of all the noise and because the films I went to see were flashing light shows (I used to like a bit of “arthouse” cinema but we never got to see that) - stopped watching TV … Continue reading Poems

Let’s play a game

Last month, I was reviewing an USDAW publication that included Personal injury/ Employer liability claims that they had supported, during a training course at a warehouse. As usual, there were lots of small claims for everything from bruising to back injury. Worth noting that the claims for discrimination were properly bigger than those for injury. … Continue reading Let’s play a game

The National Guard

We kept wondering what the National Guard was, for no big reason, the last two weeks whilst we were guests of America.  Eventually, on the tram back from Tijuana, I remembered to check Wikipedia.  Turns out it’s a set of state-specific reserve soldiers, who can be called upon to assist Federally but who are bound … Continue reading The National Guard