So a man who’s done some magic carpentry for us over the years told me, in the pub tonight, that I owed him an apology. 

He says that he was in one of Loughborough’s Nepalese restaurants when he saw me walk in. He gently prodded me with his boot to say hi.

A bloke who wasn’t me was, apparently, quite upset about it. Who knew I had a doppelgänger? And what are the odds that, if you’re gonna have a double in your own home town, they’re going to be an arse?

I was reading a book of haikus when Damien (the carpenter) told me this. So I was inspired to write my own. 

Guy that looks like me

Turns out to be a bell-end

What are the odds, eh?
I shall look out for him. Give him a piece of my mind. Unless he looks a bit tasty, obviously.  

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