The National Guard

We kept wondering what the National Guard was, for no big reason, the last two weeks whilst we were guests of America.  Eventually, on the tram back from Tijuana, I remembered to check Wikipedia.  Turns out it’s a set of state-specific reserve soldiers, who can be called upon to assist Federally but who are bound … Continue reading The National Guard

Tijuana Brass

Well. I know I said there might be problems, but in the end, it was the easiest part of the journey.  After another run (this time along the harbour of San Diego) and, to counter that, the biggest breakfast burrito, we took the trolley to the border. It was an easy crossing.  Of course as … Continue reading Tijuana Brass


So we treated LA just like the great big freeway that Dionne told you it was and San Diego has already turned out to be a great final destination.  From lucking out in a legendary hotel (here's us on the roof terrace)  we had an amazing hour with a local lawyer discussing medieval England in … Continue reading Choice


The plan (you'll recall the plan) had been to dally and then spend a day on a lazy river in one of the very very many water parks that encircle Los Angeles. It was a brilliant plan and it's conception was from a coin toss. Couldn't be more me.  Then I checked and it turns … Continue reading Whims